SST on eBay - eBay facts

-120 million active members
-$60 billion turnover
-15% of the global online turnover
-Every 30 seconds a holiday booking is sold
 on German-speaking e-Bay

SST Touristik Vertrieb GmbH - the worldwide largest distributor of tourism services
on eBay:

  • Largest provider of tourism offers on eBay worldwide
  • Over 600,000 interested potential customers per month
  • Seventh largest seller - across all categories - on
  • 100% positive sales feedback
  • More than 500,000 passenger sales since 2006
  • More than 7 million visitors attrated p.a.
  • More than 1.000 visitors per auction

All eBay listed offers are also picked up by internet search engines and are therefore easy for potential customers to find.

As an eBay certified developer and an eBay Powerseller we benefit from additional trust from your future guests.

The procedure on eBay is as follows:

Contingent You provide us with a specific number of overnight packages that we sell as vouchers
Presentation Our graphic designers produce a template for your hotel subject to your approval
eBay The offer will be placed on eBay and sold
Purchase Price The successful auction customer pays us
Voucher After successful payment the customer receives a valid voucher
Voucher (Copy) You receive a copy of the voucher and a sales listing
(break down)
Reservation Date The customer aranges the dates directly with you
Commission We transfer the auction income, minus our fees to you

Vouchers are ususally valid for 1 year and there are no specific dates, but subject to your availability. The customer can therefore only book once they have confirmed dates with you.